Is money the root of all evil?

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Too Jewish by Patti Friedman Bernie is the German Jew who escaped Nazi Germany before the war. He wants to be an observant Jew, but when he meets and marries Letty his Jewish observance is eroded. For... Read More

A book for Easter

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The Shack by William P Young The most striking thing about this novel is its vivid description and profound insight. Mack’s story is told by a friend, presumably to give objectivity and authenticity... Read More

Glyndwr University

An Uncommon Attorney by Miles Craven All indie authors take a risk when they stick their head above the parapet, but when you teach creative writing for a living it is even more of a risk. You risk yo... Read More

A German perspective

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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Set in Germany during the Second World War this book is narrated by death. Not the vindictive stealer of life we assume, but a more paternalistic purveyor of souls. Like... Read More